First of all (duh) you need to be Q U E E R !

What's the point of establishing a QUEER-BASED VAMPIRE WRITER'S GUILD if you're not 100% QUEER? That would be ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS, and it doesn't work. It would be like the WIZARD OF OZ without the RED GLITTERY SHOES. Before accepting ANY submissions we will perform a quick & painless five-minute phone interview to determine your eligibility and establish your degree of queerness. So PLEASE REMEMBER, all potential submissions must contain a valid home or work number.

Anything Else?

We're looking for STRONG GAY VAMPIRE ROLE MODELS, who maintain not only their ability to perform horrific vampire stunts but also their HOMOSEXUAL PRIDE. They must also be FAT.

How do I submit?

Mail your submission to VISCERA SUBMISSIONS! with the word "VISCERA", "VAMPIRE", or "QUEER" in the message title.

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